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She comes first... (wrong!)
Gloria Johnson was born and raised as a Southern lady. Her east Tennessee upbringing instilled a strong sense of family importance in her and a dedication to those in her family that cannot be matched. Dusty likes to brag that she comes first in her world... after everyone else and the family dog.

She and Dusty met in a most unlikely place, an oldies bar on the beachside in Daytona Beach on June 18, 1982 while he was putting his "best moves" on her girlfriend. The attraction was immediate between the two and two weeks later Dusty was in east Tennessee asking her father for her hand. They have been happily devoted to each other ever since.

Grandma Gloria and Cheyenne ("Sweetpea")
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Rather than have a child of their own when Gloria would have been approaching the ripe old age of 40, they decided to put all their efforts into providing a loving, caring environment and family for Dusty's daughter by a previous marriage. Gloria had never been married, and raising Cassandra was a chance for her to use her motherly instincts. That child is now a grown woman, a high school teacher, and a mother who in turn has given Gloria and Dusty a beautiful grand-daughter (Cheyenne) to spoil.

To this day, Gloria and Dusty remain devoted to each other and work hard to make their marriage a success and a model for their daughter to follow. The have never had an argument and make it a point to never go to bed angry. With their 33rd anniversary approaching (December 28), they still sleep together and still cuddle like newlyweds on a honeymoon.

Here is Gloria and Dusty's family. On the left, from front to back are Dusty's son Kelly (Grand Junction, CO), grand-daughter Cheyenne, daughter Cassandra, and Dusty's sister Brenda. On the right from front to back are the son-in-law Mike, Dusty's mother Peggie, and of course Dusty and Gloria.

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