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Dance Videos
Many of her dances have been video--taped and converted to streaming video. More...


How to Contact Gloria Johnson
It is very easy to contact this dancing lady, she loves to here from people. Below is her address and her telephone numbers, cell number (when she remembers to carry it with her), and her email address. You are invited to send her a comment about this website using the form below or send her an email using the link below.

  • Home: 2403 Lake Tiny Road, Deltona Lakes, Florida 32738 U.S.A.
  • Telephone: 386-218-4228
  • Cell Phone: 386-479-8212
  • Email: OR


Here is an easy-to-us comment form you can use to send a message about darn near anything to do with Gloria's dances, this website, or whatever else might strike your fancy. Please do NOT send information on pornographic sites, male enhancement pills, mortgages, alternative vacations in far away lands, and the like. Thank you

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If you would like to simply send a message to Gloria Johnson>>> CLICK HERE

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