Updated: Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Many of her dances have been video--taped and converted to streaming video. More...

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Gloria Johnson has written some 130 line dances as of this date, so many that we have had to break this long list down into four sections. The following pages are a listing of ALL of Gloria Johnson's line dances which are available in four formats, .html .pdf .doc and .txt. To view and print any dance listed, simly click on the format in the far right column.

  • .html - HyperText Markup Language, the internet's most common format.
  • .pdf - Adobe format. You must have the Adobe Reader software to see and print these sheets
  • .doc - Microsoft Word 2003 format. Easily converted to later versions of the program
  • .txt - Good old fashioned text file

Some (but not all) of these dances have been videotaped and are available for viewing and downloading in the Videos section of this site. To access those videos, click on the Videos tab at the left.

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